Why is it important to choose the best photographer for your wedding 

Years down the lane you’re sitting with your family & looking at your wedding photos with your children. A series of pictures make you question if you ever made the right call for hiring a photographer. An awkward pose with a weird click just doesn’t say you and that is when you just close them up and move on with your life because that’s what we always do. You know it’s too late now and the memory you have arguably the best day of your life is telling a sad tale rather than being a reflectant being of a cherished memory.

Weddings have become an industry that encompasses many portfolios of services like couple photoshoots, event coverage, and so on. True experience lies in the emotions one feels on the day when we get to be with the one we’re meant to be. We want to feel that same connection when we look back at those memories & remembrance of those cherished moments captured in their true essence.

As important as it is we fail to realise its true value until after the wedding is over. Even if you do plan ahead you still have a plethora of best photographers in Islamabad at the helm who should you go for and how to make the right call? 

Here are some essential things to consider while choosing a wedding best photographer in Islamabad for your event

The right budget

You would want a budget range that a good photographer would charge. It is best to enquire from someone in the circle who recently got wed & chose a photographer to get an idea of what different types of photographers would typically charge. 

At the end of the day, it’s the memories that count, no one is going to ask how much you spent on certain items at the wedding. So optimize your budget based on what is essential & set aside a healthy budget for event coverage of your wedding day & get the services of the best photographer in Islamabad as per that but lest not compromise on that dreamy photoshoot.

Find your style 

You want your story to be covered the way you want it to be. There is a range of photographers in Islamabad who have a variety of styles to offer. Some have great event coverage, some are good all-around services and some deliver the finest couple photoshoots. 

Take time to review the work of different photographers & see which one suits the style you prefer. Shortlist them based on your preferences, and be brief in viewing their overall work but detailed in the items you’re interested in (portraits, cinematography, etc.)

Book quickly

The best photographer in Islamabad is booked way ahead of time so if you leave it till the end to make bookings you might not find the one you like. Search ahead of time set a budget & book them early on to ensure their availability. 


It’s something you can’t really measure especially if you haven’t really had any kind of experience working with them. It’s suggested to first consult the people you trust about their conduct overall, from booking to final delivery, someone who has acquired their services before. It’s important though biases someone might have for someone during these conversations.

You can also analyze the way they deal with you while you enquire about their services, which says a lot about how they prioritize you, their politeness as well comprehensiveness in ensuring you avail of their services.

All things considered, we hope this helps you in making the right call for coverage of your event. So just be sure you hire a professional to capture your day, and your story, just don’t regret not hiring one at all.